I upload blogs on a consistent basis about how to make money onlinework from home opportunities entrepreneurship. Alright guys so I read your comments I get the emails you always askme about how you can make money online especially now during the lockdown andthat's why I wanted to do this video here for you and share with you fivedifferent ways on how you can get started to make some free money onlineduring the lockdown and of course worldwide now what you need to do is payattention and watch the whole video here so you don't miss out on any importantinformation regarding these five different ways and make sure you alsosubscribe to my other youtube channel which is my IM tips it is related to gaming make money online and a lot more you're going to find a linkat the top and of course in the descriptiion upside you are interested in making a full time passive income online build a real long-termsustainable online business I do have my number one recommendationalso right here below that I highly suggest you to have a look at when wefinished here but for now let's see how we can make some free money onlineworldwide during this lockdown let's get started alright guys so I think thatp the easiest way would be to go to a site like a rapid workers calm andtake up on and do some micro tasks because these are super easy and simpleto do 

I mean vote for a YouTube video and on 10 cents is definitely not hardto do and you can see it takes probably less than a minute to dothis or follow someone on Twitter for example that you can own 12 centsit takes you also less than a minute we have here an insurance form you can signup you earn one dollar and fifty cent so you can see here for yourself just go torapid workers comp and get started with doing all these micro tasks you can seethat there is more online game sign up here you earn twenty cents we haveanother one on Twitter here we have what else is that create a gmail account forexample 13 cents and so on there there is more Simula sites one of the mostpopular would be micro workers calm and you can see here view tube for examplesearch watch like comment and subscribe and you earn 12 cents this takes youprobably also less than a minute to do okay and there is also tons of othermicro tasks and jobs that you can do you can see right now there is actually 693jobs available as

 I'm writing this  blog now so definitely a greatand easy way to get started to make some free money online the next opportunitywould probably be to go to a GPT sites which stands for get paid to sites hereis one we have Weiss and calm and you get paid for taking surveys war firstthere is actually some offers that you can take the offer volts doing sometasks here also and of course there is their affiliate and referral programthat you can make even more money here is another site that I did a separatevideo on which is grad points also very popular you get paid here for watchingvideos and doing some other cool stuff I'm going to show you real quick hereinside the members area look at this you can see that there is a lot of peoplewho have got some serious money online 763 of the top user here right now andyou get paid for watching videos taking surveys do some offers on the operableand of course there is the referral program also so a great way to go tothese GPT sites and this is also swag box another very very popular site youcan see that

 I have paid out over four hundred and seventeen Millionsas I'm recording this video right now how it works on these sites is that youjoin swag bags your endpoints and you of course you get cash back via PayPal thatis what we are all interested in but if you're not interested you can of coursepick an Amazon gift card for example now you earn money here by shopping onlineanswering surveys watching videos discovering offers search the web alsoand play games so you can have fun and earn some free money definitely a greatway alright let's move on to another opportunity and this is actually to makemoney on autopilot because all you have to do is just download an app and youcan see here for yourself you install honey gained so we're talking abouthoney game here you install honey gained on your preferred devices you connectthe device to the net and you get paid sweet money as it says here you cancheck out the details for yourself ear actually and this is also anotherworldwide opportunity you don't have to do anything at all works for itself soyou can definitely earn some cool free money here here's another thing that isalso very popular to get paid online make free money online and that is tobecome a tester what you do is you're going to be a tester to test somewebsites or apps and you can see here if

 I go to usertesting.com this is a siteand the company that has been trusted by known well-known companies like Facebookwe have more mods eBay for example they come here and they want tohas the new website or a new part of a website or an app for example and thatis where you can come in just go to the section where it says get paid to testand you can see here all the details you sign up you take tests and you get paidand you can see here that you can actually on $10 for every 20 minutestest you complete and even more for interviews so if you are one of thelucky ones you can actually and they say they want to to make an interview withyou you can earn even more money cool Wow okay so let's move on here this isanother company which does the exact same things they recruit test users herefor usability test focus groups interviews surveys and more then you goto this section here also words has become a test user and you can earn upto 50 euros per hour this is approximately around 60 US dollars hereper hour for testing websites apps or whatever they want you to test outactually so there is definitely more sites like this of course you can go togoogle and type testing sites if you want to focus on this part alone herebut I think that two or three would be a great way to get started with to makesome free money online okay let's move on to something else here and that is tobecome a freelancer now freelancing is really one of the better ways in myopinion to make money online from the comfort of your home from actuallywherever you are in the world as long as you have an internet connection ittotally depends a little bit on your skills here but even if you don't haveany skills just to give you a quick idea something that is very popular is calledthe drop servicing 

I call it arbitrage thefashioned way and that means that you can actually let's say for example youpurchase a logo and you sell it to someone who wants that logo so you don'thave to do it for yourself but let's assume here but you do have a knowledgefor example in logo okay you can see here that there is a lot of people andthere is a lot of different price categories hear anything from five bucksup to this is in jewelry so this is 70 US dollars 80 90 US dollars here sothere are really no limits but as I said don't limit yourself that you have to dologo only because you can just do a data entry for example as a freelancer as Isaid I totally don't know your skill star so it depends a little bit actuallyyou can see data entry it starts here for five bucks here are some on thecharges 60 bucks for example and so on there okay or let's say that videoediting for example okay this is what I would apply for here if I got startedfrom scratch video editing for example okay we have here look at this you cansee hundred and twenty-five dollars and euros 

I'm sorrythis is around hundred and thirty dollars approximately but it's a greatsite tons of opportunities you can just search around a little bit hereyou can definitely find out something to create your gig and get started to sendthat as a freelancer there are more sites of course a freelancing sites likeapp were calm so one tip could be for example that you offer a logo designhere and you can come here and purchase it for five bucks and sell it forhundred for example okay there are really no limits it's all up to you andhow much effort you're willing to put in okay let's move on to a finalopportunity and that is to become an affiliate marketer 

you can make moneyonline as an affiliate marketer for free now one of the most popular sites isClickbank where you can go here you can find thousands of product to promote andbasically what you have to do as an affiliatemarketer it grab a link for a product you don't have to deal with shipping oranything like that and promote that link that is all you have to do and there areso many ways and I share this in my blog you can do a research here searcharound a little bits on my youtube channel you can do it via YouTube forexample via Twitter via Facebook free totally free web I just go to you toFacebook groups I'm sorry you can do create videos for example there are somany ways and there are no limits and if you happened to say that Clickbank isnot worldwide

 I know that so go to offer volt this is another opportunity and youcan definitely find something to promote here that is available in your countrythere so there you have it five plus ways easy ways I would say actually tomake money online worldwide during lockdown now most important is that youget started to take action and if you are interested actually as I said inmaking a full time passive income online with the real long term sustainableonline business I highly suggest you to have a closerlook at my number one recommendation. 

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