Earn $750 Per Day From Google Translate,earn-750-per-day-from-google-translate

 Today I'm gonna show you how you can make anywhere between 500 or 750 dollars using Google Translate now it's gonna require a little bit of work a little bit of thinking but I'm gonna walk you through step by step so make sure you're paying close attention the first thing you want to do is hey what's up guys it's Sujal here and welcome back to the blog so today I'm gonna teach you how to make money using Google Translate showing you how to make some extra money online or how to make some extra money with your smartphone so if you want to make more money hit that subscribe button right now so you don't miss out on any of my future blogs alright guys so let's jump straight into it the first thing you're gonna do is go over to Google and you're gonna look up this website right here it's called lidium so lati um lidium it's gonna be the first one that pops up or let's see actually the second one that pops up go-ahead and click on this one right here where it says freelancing and hey guys real quick before we get all too into this I got a special bonus that I'm gonna give to you inside check this out real quick I’m inside my PayPal account where I just received in a hundred dollar payment so a quick little refresh let me zoom in and click the refresh button so you can see it's legit alright guys so there we are as you can see it's 6 6 3 8so this is actually from this week right here guys and check this out real quick

I just received an one hundred dollar payment and right before that a twenty dollar payment so I'm gonna show you that inside of a bonus inside this video so make sure you stick around for that right there now let's get back into it so you're gonna go to this website right here called lithium and what this website does is a post of weekly jobs that you can come in and start completing for extra money so check this out if I scroll down to the bottom they post online jobs on just about everything so basically your basic surveys graphic design so YouTube banners use ik and audio so if you like to make music or videos you can come out here and start doing these simple jobs to make some extra money but like I mentioned today we're gonna focus on translating and languages so it's very simple to get started and the way it works guys so the first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna browse through the projects like

 I just mentioned they post all these jobs up right here you're gonna browse through the jobs select the job to start getting paid as you’re gonna go ahead and complete the project complete it submit it get it back to the person that hired you so number three you can start getting paid so it's very simple guys browse to the projects choose one completed and get paid now sign up all you have to do is scroll to the top click right here where it says sign up and after that you can sign up using some basic info like your name your email and creating a username so you can get your profile created once you do that you're gonna want to go back to the home page and start browsing through all the projects so you can start making some money so click right here where it says browse and then click on projects right here so again I like I just said you have many different projects you can be completing for example surveys graphic design social media websites registration you know all this stuff but today we're gonna use Google Translate to help us make some extra money so click right here where it says translation and languages after that check this out guys you can see all the jobs that are available and how much you’re gonna be earning for the job that you complete so let's go ahead and choose one real quick

 I'd say this one right here so translate sales brochure so a basic sales brochure someone's trying to sell a product or you know whatever they're Bruce your brochure this company right here is gonna be paying anywhere between five hundred to a thousand dollars so you can go ahead and translate their brochure now they have some more info right here so exactly what they're gonna want inside of this project make sure you go ahead and read through that and then once you're ready you're gonna go ahead and log in and submit a bid you're gonna go ahead and place your bid for the project and again if we go back there's plenty of projects you could be doing inside of here so let's check this one

 I'll translate Crowe press the corporate brief right here so let me go ahead and click on this and check this out you can earn between five hundred or seven hundred and fifty bucks guys just go ahead and create an account and place a bid on this project right here what they want you to translate is from Malay to English it's gonna be 25 pages long and it looks like it's another basic brochure guys now let me show you exactly how you're gonna make money with it so once you go ahead and bid on a project and create a deal obviously you're gonna go over to Google Translate to start translating these simple brochures right here so I have this article pulled up on our brochure of Malay guys so let me go ahead and grab one of these right here and just go over to Google Translate and see what's up so I’m gonna go ahead and copy that right there go over to Google Translate right now so we're inside the Google Translate website guys and it's gonna detect the language let's see if it does detect the Malayso

 let's go ahead and paste that in right there so it did the tech guys check that out right there now this is where your work and you're thinking is gonna come in because obviously you don't want to be kind of a generic fool and just kind of do the basic translation right you google translation some of its not gonna make sense so let's go ahead and read into this make this movement Malaysia is not fully prepared to impeachment or release strategy so obviously the words of look are a little bit mixed around so you’re gonna have to go ahead and read it and make sure that the translated document actually makes sense into English guys because obviously you can’t just be submitting any little thing and you don't expect to get paid for it they’re gonna be reviewing it and if it doesn't make sense if it doesn't meet their standards you're gonna get rejected and not get paid for the job so you’re gonna use Google 

Translate or start translating it after that you’re gonna want to do some pre reading yourself make sure that it makes sense before you submit the project now you're probably thinking okay well what if I still don't do it right what if it still doesn't make sense right well you're gonna do this one simple step right here you're gonna go over to this website right here called awkward comma so awkward comma we're gonna hire an actual professional translator or someone who's more native to the language so right here all you're gonna do is go ahead and type in Malay translator or Spanish translator any of those just go ahead and type that in translator in Malay click on search and check this out you can actually hire on native male speaker to help you translate this right here so once you're done all you have to do is go ahead and message them and ask them to do some proofreading for you and you can hire them for as little as $12 an hour or check this out 

Guys eight bucks an hour nine bucks an hour guys 22 bucks an hour still you're gonna be making some profit once you complete the work on lithium so once you go come over here guys go ahead and click on one of their profiles and the next thing you can do is actually send them a message so go ahead and create an account you can go ahead and send them a message and let them know what you have going on I’m doing a translating job I need someone to proofread for me are you available to-do the work or are you interested in working with me guys you can go ahead and start chatting with him let him know the situation let him know exactly what you’re doing and obviously if they accept you can start hiring him to help you do the translation and make sure that it's actually done right so once you come back to lithium guys

You know you're gonna have some confident work you know you're gonna have the right work for them and you could actually submit it to them and get paid for your project so go ahead and go over to lithium guys check it out create a profile and get started with some of the jobs inside of here not only that guys but you can also do many other different jobs like graphic design so if you guys like creating posters or banners for YouTube Facebook or whatever guys you can come on here and get some extra jobs and they also pay in Bitcoin or aetherium guys so if you guys are into the whole cryptocurrency you can go ahead and get paid in Bitcoin using this website now at the end of this video guys like I mentioned I had a very special bonus where I was going to show you exactly how I just made an extra hundred dollars using my computer

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