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Acer Swift 5 

You guys, My regular Readers may know acer from they're actually pretty impressive both value on high-end gaming laptops monitors and desktops but Acer also have a line of more lifestyle type products which includes this the Swift five a 14-inch thin and light laptop the Swift five packs an I7-8550U which is a quad-core with hyper-threading and can boost all the way up to four gigahertz although it doesn't normally do this unless it's plugged in so do bear that in mind it also has eight gigabytes of non upgradable soldered RAM as well as a 250gig SSD it's actually a SATA drive but in an M.2 configuration with a second M.2 slot being available inside if you did want to add some storage later on. 

The battery in here is a 36 watt hour unit which equates to about three hours of battery life when it comes to the PC Mark battery life test - now you can extend that by turning the screen brightness down to 0% to get about five hours but even then it still doesn't really keep up with the likes of the LG Gram which has eight to ten hours. Speaking of the display it's a 1080p IPS touch screen which is actually really quite nice now it's a gift and the curse the gift being that it's a beautiful display to look at and the touch screen functionality is excellent it's full multi-touch supported with gestures and web browsers for back and forward and all that sort of stuff which is great to see and makes the device a lot more usable but the curse is that it's a glossy panel.

Because of the touch screen digitizer and means that in any sort of lights as you can see here it is just impossible to see stuff on screen sometimes and that's a real big downside the other downside is that the panel isn't flush with the bezel which means that you have a real tough time actually pressing anything in the corners really anything near the edge so if you wanted to say press the windows button down the bottom or even just to close a window that is fully maximized you're gonna have a bit of a pain doing that it kind of makes up for it though by being just a beautiful display to look at as long as there's no glare on the screen.

You're gonna have a great viewing experience viewing angles are fantastic from all around so no problem sharing a film with your partner in the bed or whatever else you're all good there, but the main downside actually colour accuracy if you did want to do colour sensitive work on this you will need to very least calibrate it because it's actually no better than a TN panel for colour accuracy it was sitting about 93% of the srgb spectrum in terms of coverage and then I think about 65 or 64 percent of the Adobe RGB spectrum and about 68 69 percent of the DCI p3 spectrum so again while it's not you know horrific and you can certainly do some you know photo editing or whatever else on it it's not the best one that I've seen.

Now just above the display is the built-in webcam and microphone let's take a quick look. The built in web cam is kind a naff, it's 720pat best and I'm in full studio lighting I know it's still incredibly soft and when you're not in full studio lighting it's let's just say not fantastic it also has a lot of screen wobble so the the webcam especially being up at the top which is where I'd like it to be gets incredibly shaky the microphone though isn't too bad nor are the built-in speakers so that's a plus and just below the screen is where you're gonna find that your keyboard and your trackpad now let's go with the good first and that being the trackpad it tracks incredibly well has multi-touch gesture support including two fingers crolling if you don't fancy using the touchscreen and while I did have a few can have missed right clicks where it thought it was a left click instead of aright click generally speaking.

I was plenty happy with the trackpad what I wasn't plenty happy with was the keyboard it's really just kind of a mess it's an incredibly loud and clicky experience but also feeling incredibly mushy and loose the spacebar is probably the worst offender here with just flopping around quite a lot and it's really just not the best typing experience I've had actually even double check that it wasn't just me being a mechanical keyboard elitist and passed the laptop to my partner who has a I think like 10 year old relatively budget Asus laptop actually does have a touch screen though with a flush bezel funnily enough and she after about five key strokes recoiled in fear with a face of disgust and while my you know my reaction isn't quite as severe it does make it pretty hard to recommend performance-wise is a bit her miss as well on battery worse designed to be the majority of the time.

I saw it it's basically throttling the CPU down to less than one gigahertz far a lot of the time and that means that I've actually had situations where I've tried to open the windows search you know built-in down at the Start menu and it took literally five to ten seconds to register keystrokes let alone actually search through the Machine now this is not necessarily commonplace you know even on stuff like a video playback for example that was perfectly smooth on battery but I have had that occur more than once and so I expect that because of the severe throttling and obviously the time than it takes to ramp up the CPU it can be a bit of a downside but when it's plugged in it's more than happy to boost all the way up to four gears and be a plenty smooth and enjoyable experience and the notes on thermals and temperatures the laptop seems to do a sort of silent mode and stay as quiet as a physically can while letting the CPU get as hot as it physically can apparently and then we'll turn on the fan at full booster and go incredibly loud and I've actually had this happen multiple times while.

I was filming this video right now literally just sat on the desktop it hit 95 degrees Celsius at its maximum so keep that in mind it does look like a fairly small heat pipe there's only one heat pipe as well so just keep that in mind and that's a final note the IO much like many of these thin and light laptops is fairly limited you have two USB 3 ports one type C port which isn't Thunderbolt 3 you have a headphone 4 pole headphone jack and then an HDMI port and a standard DC in now my main gripe here is actually that DC in I would much rather have seen this be a type C port because the power brick that's included only draws about 50 watts or provides 50watts to the laptop and that's more than capable for a type C port even they've felt fairly restricted type C port as well so what's the verdict then well if you forget the the keyboard and the few other gripes that I have it's actually not too bad of a laptop especially as I said when it's plugged in it's perfectly capable and while.

I would expect that this is only really going to be used for can a web browsing word processing video watching that kind of stuff it's certainly not a bad laptop it's obviously very thin and light which is great but when you do factor in the keyboard and especially all the other gripes as well it does make it pretty hard to recommend especially when you consider that as I mentioned my partner is 10 year old 600 pound laptop is a significantly better typing experience than this brand new 800 pound one so it's kind of hard to recommend with that said I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below is this a laptop you're interested in if so what for was so use case are you planning on using it for and it has this Blog change your mind in anyway do let me know in the comments down below if you want to pick up the laptop or you want to check out pricing when and where you watch this because it does vary check out.

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