There he is...yeah That’s a Headshot hi hello viewers welcome back to our Web Dealwithtech24 today we are not going to see how to put headshot...ha...ha.... but about the mobiles which helps you for good gameplay under 10k so before getting into the video i need keep this mobile speak well so before getting into the video i need keep this mobile speak well join our Blogger  FAMILY By just clicking Subscribe , like , and share and also click the bell icon for more fun i mean flirting...ha...ha.... today the personal information is .....before i say everyone knows it....YEAH Coronavirus each and every day the coronavirus is getting bigger and bigger from 1000 to 2000 and now 3000 to 4000 so be safe and secure friends ....i need all my Blogger FAMILY members to be safe and secure use mask , maintain social distancing and avoid going out. 

Then only we can put headshot...ha...ha...ha.... so if i speak like this for more time ...sure you guys get angry so now lets get into the video so if we select gaming mobiles we need to check many things like PROCESSOR, GPU,RAM,BATTERY,DISPLAY AND COOLING but in 10k budget many brands will not give cooling system like thier own property...ha...ha....ha.... but i have a super solution for this ......that is if you have AC in your home ...turn it on and play the game ...ha...ha...ha.... wow...nice idea he is the next Einstein ...ha...ha...ha....ha.... so you can check my idea...... so....

BEST PHONES UNDER 10000 IN INDIA,top-10-phones-under-rs-10-000

Realme Narzo 10A(left)  And Realme 5i(right)

1st mobile in our list is realme narzo 10 a i had spoke about this mobile in many videos like mobile under 10k , 9k etc so if you need to watch the i button where is it????? yeah this button you will find many videos like train can watch it coming back to the topic let us see some important specs for gaming in this mobile here they have used 6.5 inch HD+ display with 5000 mah battery but there is only 10w charging support so may be it can take hours to charge here they have used helio g70 which is a winner of recent test with snapdragon 665 and 660 in this budget there are many mobiles with SD 665 and 660 like a sea. But we cant swim...ha...ha...ha...ha... and here they have used mali g52 as a graphics icu for g70 processor mali g52 and helio g70 is like a husband and wife and also the HD+ resolution display + these 2 processor combination will be better for gaming and the mobiles i am recommending is available in 4 gb ram and 64 internal ....and also.You  can buy realme 5i ...which is really good with SD 665 AND adreno 610 GPU SO these two mobiles are good at this price for gaming so before seeing. 
top-10-phones-under-rs-10-000,BEST PHONES UNDER 10000 IN INDIA

The next mobile if there any redmi note 7 user please hit the like and comment yeah redmi note 7 pro is the next mobile so the reason to recommend this mobile to is the real time user experience is really good but this mobile is available for 10,999 link in description more than 4 of my friends using this mobile for 2 years and till now its performing good in even pubg gaming so here they have used 6.3 inch FHD+ Display not only gaming you can also watch any movies with nice clarity...ha...ha... any movies........ha..ha the processor used here is SD 675 which is better than 660 and 665 and also they provided adreno 612 wich is a nice GPU The combination of SD 675 + adreno 612 + FHD+ display gives you the better experience but not the ultra here they have used 4000 mah battery with 18 w fast charge support 4 the 4 and 64 gb variant of this mobile is available in 10,999 the normal usage is also good here with type c port , 48 mp camera gorilla glass 5 protection but if your budget is strictly under 10,000 you can go through redmi note 7 s with SD 660 and Adreno 612 so the next mobile is moto one macro moto fans hit like and comment guys here they have used 6.2inch HD+ Display with 4000 mah battery and 10w charging suport but here they used helio p70 with mali g72 GPU....which really a good one for gaming the combination of p70 and g72 will be the greater combination with nice gameplay this is available in under 10k of 4 and 64 gb variant. 

Vivo is good mobile but.. it has SD 660 with adreno 610which is good but the price of this mobile in 3 gb ram 32 internal is 10,999 so that’s why i am not recommended this but if you want you can buy so these are all the mobile i am recommending to you so if you know a better mobile than this please comment it will be usefull to all..and also comment the topics you needed and join our Blogger FAMILY by just clicking subscribe , follow,and share also click the bell icon so see you all in next Blog  till now its BYE from Sujal ...see you BYE ..BYE...TATA BYE.......

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