Hey guys welcome back to my blog dealwithtech24 today I am going to tell you how to check your mobile data speed or you can say internet speed of your mobile today I am going to give you a tool that will help you to tell you what is the speed of your mobile data internet as you know that day today there are so many users of internet so there is common problem face by audience that is speed of internet.

how-to-check-internet-speed-from-your-mobile,How to check internet speed from your mobile and PC

So without wasting your time let's begin it as you know that we are living in 21st century where internet has become a part of our life without internet means we are with living without water and food due to increasing users of internet there is a lot of network issue face by people so most of the people want to know that their service provider is providing what what speed them.

So guys  I am making a tool that will tell you what speed your  service provider is providing to you. So that you can ensure what's speed getting from your service provider and you should continue that or change it for more speed. As you know that some wifi brands tell you that they will give you 100 MBPS speed but you check that it is not 10 MBPS also so to check that your brand is giving you a proper service I have made this tool.

As you know that due to coronavirus pandemic now internet has become everything a student want to go to school then he will required internet and if employee want to work during this pandemic we will also require internet so internet and become an important part of our life and  due to this the use of internet has increased and the speed has been low.

And this tool will also tell your ping Score and with the help of Ping score you can know why your WiFi is slow and you can understand that the broadband you are using is worth full for you.

So I will tell you that how you can check your internet with first of all close your all background apps that are working if background apps are open you can expect that your internet speed will be low.

Then use the computer which is directly connected to their internet cable or otherwise if you are connected to Wi-Fi  will expect  slow speed.

Then you should start the test and see what your internet speed is. I will recommend that you should do the test multiple times so that if there is a fluctuation in your net you can understand it.

I will also recommend that you should not connect to VPN at slow internet speed so disconnect VPN. When the tool is below and you can check your internet speed.

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