How To Get Instant  AdSense Approval Within 48 Hours

Hello friends, today I will tell you all in this article about AdSense Approval Tips 2020 about the program. Everyone wants to know how to approve your Blog website with Google Adsense, so come, everyone should read this article very carefully. Because I will tell you all such steps that if you follow all the people and implement them on your website, then you can easily Google AdSense will get approved and you will be able to earn handsome money there.

Friends always keep asking me a lot of users by asking me, Sir, tell us some way that we can make our Blog approve our website with Google Adsense, then today I will understand all of you in a very simple way and I will tell you some things that if all of you follow on your website, then you will never encounter any problem related to AdSense approval on your website.

How To Get Instant  AdSense Approval Within 48 Hours

Today I am going to tell you how to get AdSense approval within 48 hours as you know that due to Coronavirus the AdSense has reduced his employees so it getting time to get AdSense Approval.As you know that if you use other ad networks they will give less earning than AdSense If you earn Now $100 dollar from other ad networks you will earn five times more than it.  But Today I am going to tell you a few steps if you follow those steps.then you will get instant approval.

So Let's begin it :-

First of all you should have to level domain name it would be .com. .in ,net and .co. You should buy it from any platform like namecheap, hostinger etc. Note that don't go for free domain name then I would not guarantee you would get any AdSense approval.Go for hosting also it would be good for your website.Then one more step is that your theme should be AdSense friendly and responsive.If you want to know about like that themes comment me I will make a blog for you.

Then in the second step you should have SSL Certificate. It would be good for your AdSense approval.You will get it from the hostinger if you go for their plans. If you make a website on blogger it would give you a few SSL certificates. If you want more AdSense approval with one adsense account then I would suggest you go for WordPress. It  is good for you as a blogger is Google's own product so it would have all information about it.

Then the third and important step is writing the unique article most of us go behind while writing the article. Most of us copy paste the article from one or other website. Do the wrong work then AdSense will not give you approval for copy paste work it want unique 

article so I would suggest you to write a unique article by yourself.I would suggest you to write a minimum of 20 unique article.If you didn't get approval then go for 25 articles.

Fourth step is to create a navigation menu as many of you may have got navigation errors while receiving AdSense approval.  It is Simple to just create categories on your website and create a menu.

Fifth step is to create a Privacy Policy Page, About Us Page  and Contact Us Page. You can generate it from some other website. So you can generate in a few seconds.

Sixth step is a very important step: you have to add your website in Google webmaster tool and manually index your website in webmaster tool so you can see your website on Google.You can get AdSense approval instantly.


If you follow this you have 95% chances of getting AdSense approval. If you didn't get approval after following this step then reapply then there are chances of getting approval. If you have any doubt regarding approval you can comment me. I will try to solve your Issues.Thank for visiting my website. Stay with us for more updates.  

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