How to make money with sponsored posts- Companies that sponsor blogs

All right, so in this blog we're going to go over how to make an extra 100 to $500 per month with your blog by accepting sponsored blog posts. So with that being said, let's get right into it. So today's blog is an exciting one for me and it's one of the easier ways, in my opinion, that bloggers can earn a nice side income from their blogging efforts.

how-to-make-money-with-sponsored-posts,How to make money with sponsored posts- Companies that sponsor blogs

Now, 100 to $500, let me just throw out a little disclaimer here, this is what I personally make per month by accepting sponsored blog content. There's a lot of different variables, this is based on the effort that I put in and you'll see that this is based on some of the steps and the variables that we'll be going over below in this blog.

So let me just throw that out there that you can make a whole lot more than this and you could also make a whole lot less than this,it really depends on where you're at currently with your website. But with that being said, I think accepting sponsored blog content, which we'll go over in a second, is a really great strategy for a lot of bloggers to monetize their website and to just earn a supplemental stream of income from their blogging efforts.

So if this is new to you, I think this blog will be helpful, maybe you've heard of sponsored blog content in the past but aren't totally sure maybe how to utilize this strategy for your own website. In this blog, we're going to go over everything from top to bottom on how you can most effectively set up a page for your sponsored content submissions and now how you can monetize your blog using this particular strategy. 

So first things first, let's go over exactly,what is a sponsored blog post? And this is directly from my website, I wrote an article on this. So a sponsored blog post is basically a guest article submitted to your website written by another blogger or company that you would publish to your blog for a fee. So it's basically you're just accepting guest content, someone, an external writer, an external blogger, an external webmaster. 

They would come to you with a guest article that you would publish on your website for a particular fee, the fee is up to how much you want to charge which we'll get into in a little bit. Now the great thing about sponsored blog content and why I'm writing this blog is because it's a win-win for both parties. So it's a win-win for both the person writing the content, writing the guest article, and it's a win for the website owner who receives that content. And let's go over exactly why that is now. 

So how does this benefit the guest contributor,the person writing the particular article? I'm just going to list off a couple main benefits that they will receive by moving forward with writing some guest sponsored content. One, they get exposure to their content, their brands, their name, their business. Two, they're allowed a link to their website,also known as a backlink which is good for SEO, to be placed within their sponsored article. 

So anytime you build a backlink to your website,this is helpful for SEO and over time this can really help with your organic search engine rankings in Google. Three, you can receive good referral traffic from people clicking on your actual link within the article. Really the more sponsored posts a person gets published on different websites over time, the more referral traffic you'll naturally generate over time, this could kind of stack up over time which is great. 

Four, if they post their content on an authoritative website, there's potential that the article can get plenty of social shares and even rank highly in Google for a given keyword. This means traffic on autopilot, really high authoritative websites, you have the opportunity for your article to get some social shares which is just great. And also because that type of website is very authoritative, there's a possibility that your guest post article or your sponsored article will get ranked within the search engines because you're publishing on such a reputable company. 

This can then in return bring you some really great free targeted traffic on autopilot. Now how does sponsored content benefit the website owner or the publisher or the person actually publishing the guest content? For one, you'll receive fresh and unique content to publish on your website which Google loves. Anytime you're publishing fresh content, that's keeping your website updated and signaling to Google that your website is relevant and keeping up with some new and unique content. 

That's always a good sign and that's always something that Google will favor. Two, the website owner has the ability to charge anywhere from $50, $100, $250 or even $500 per sponsored post which can add up toa nice supplemental income. Many companies have no problem paying good money for sponsored blog posts for the benefits that we just described earlier. 

And three, it saves the website owner some time of not having to write an article themselves, maybe for that given week or month, for example,if you have a couple of sponsored articles coming in. You can also pre-schedule these articles out far in advance which frees up time and allows the website owner to focus on other areas of their business. So if you're a WordPress user, you can schedule these types of articles out over time which can just free you up to focus on some other things within your actual business. 

As you can see there, there's benefits for both the guest contributor and the website owner publishing this content. And that's why I think it's such a unique and valuable strategy that a lot of bloggers would really benefit from and I think a lot of bloggers don't actually know about. And companies in general, webmasters in general,this is a very effective strategy and there's a lot of benefits for both parties here. 

Just real quick too and something that I'd Like to note is that you want to mix in the sponsored content within your own personal content as well, you don't just want to be publishing sponsored content all the time on your website. The reason you've probably built up a readership or a following to begin with is because of the unique and personal content that you've written yourself so make sure that you have a healthy mix of both. 

I'd even recommend more of your own personal content compared to sponsored content but just make sure you're weaving in both content and you're not just publishing sponsored content consistently on your website. You still need to be writing your own articles and you still need to be putting out your own content as well. All right, really quickly, let's now talkabout how to get sponsored posts for your blog and how to attract these types of contributors to publish content on your website. 

At first you're going to want to make sure you're already writing high quality, compelling and engaging content on your own website. If you're a newer blogger, especially too,I would recommend at least having 50 articles published on your website that you've written yourself before you go out and even try to land a sponsored post. If you think about it for a second, when people come to your website, they're not going to want to write an article for your site. 

If they see that you don't update your own website with fresh and unique content on a consistent basis, you're really going to have to make sure that your website is constantly updated with some really high quality content,you're going to want to show off your writing skills a bit and show potential sponsored content contributors that you write really high quality content. 

That's going to make them even more compelling and engaged to go ahead and reach out to you to look for getting their own content published on your website. So make sure that you already have a really good amount, really healthy amount of high quality content already published on your website as this is going to help the overall conversion rate for you, for people submitting articles through to your website. 

So this is your first area of focus, fleshing out your website with loads and loads of high quality and top notch content and if you're a newer blogger, aim for at least 50 published blog articles on your website before you even really think about accepting a sponsored blog post. Number two and this is super important, is that you're going to have to build up your own domain authority and website traffic. 

Simply put, the higher your domain authority and the higher and the more website traffic you generate to your website on a monthly basis, the more you're going to be able to charge for sponsored posts and the more inquiries you'll get from people finding your website. Guest contributors want to publish posts on websites that have a high domain authority, a high DA. 

This is going to help them with their ownSEO, it's going to give them a lot of link juice and a lot of link equity that points back to their website. So you constantly want to focus on building your own domain authority for your website and also your website traffic. In order to build your domain authority. 

So it's very similar to what we're talking about now, sponsored content or guest posting which is free. This is a sure fire way to increase your own domain authority, so you should be guest posting on a consistent basis and doing link building work on a consistent basis to really hike up your own domain authority. You can check your domain authority by using free tools. 

And I think the last thing I'll say here is you should probably shoot for your own website for a domain authority of 15 or higher to be able to start charging for sponsored content. If an external writer or webmaster comes to your website and they see that your website is a domain authority of 10 or lower maybe,they're not going to be all that willing to pay one, because you don't have a lot of traffic coming into your website and two, the domain authority is very low. 

So try to get your website to a domain authority of 15 before you start charging for any sponsored content and also continue to build quality backlinks which are going to help increase your website traffic as well. So continue to work on building up your domain authority and website traffic, it's only going to allow you to receive more sponsored content submissions and you can also charge more in this way as well. 

Just a really quick last note on that too that I want to slip in here is that when you're building backlinks on other websites yourself,when you're guest posting on other websites, identify websites that have obviously a higher domain authority than your website. This is going to yield the best results, so you want to publish your content on websites that are a higher domain authority than where you're currently at. 

So hopefully that makes sense, I just wanted to throw that in there as well. All right, number three and now we're kinda getting somewhere, you got to focus on those first two steps first which is make sure you have a sufficient amount of high quality content published to your website and also that you're building up your own domain authority. 

But number three now is you're ready to create a dedicated page for your sponsored content or your sponsored content submissions, I should say. And this could be done in a couple of different ways, I recommend using a title for your page such as "Write for Us", "Contribute", "SponsoredPosts", "Advertise", anything with that realm. Because a lot of times, external writers find your sponsored content opportunity through Google search and certain Google search queries. 

I've personally had a lot of success with"Write for Us'', on my page I get a lot of sponsored content submissions and inquiries daily. So I like the "Write for Us'', so I have a designated page that says "Write for Us'', it basically says, "Hey, I'm looking for high quality content, here's a couple of guidelines and on this page." So that's the next note too. So create a dedicated page for your sponsored content strategy and on that page you're going to want to list a couple of things. 

You're going to want to list some general guidelines, you're going to want to list exactly what topics you are looking to publish on your website, and obviously you're going to want to list your contact information so people can reach out to you and maybe ask for more information, submit to you a couple of blog topic ideas or submit an already finished article straight through to your website. 

In the general guidelines, make sure that you write a few things such as, you want to make sure the content that you're accepting is 100% unique and not plagiarized. 

You might want to add the word count, how many words you're looking for, I like to do a thousand words or more so I know I'm getting some really good high quality content. And maybe if you're looking for an author bio, if you want your external writers to add a little picture of themselves in a short author bio. I like doing that, I think it adds just more personality to the actual post. 

And as I said, a lot of times people will find your page just in Google search, doing certain Google search queries, looking for opportunities such as yours. So make sure that you have enough content on this page but also that you're really explaining to people exactly what you're looking for within your content that you accept. And last here, number four, once you have this page created, now share it with other bloggers, share it, collaborate, get your page out there, get some eyeballs on it. 

Again, a lot of the traffic once you buildup your domain authority and your website traffic in general, a lot of this traffic is going to be kind of organic traffic on autopilot that you're getting from the searchengines if you optimize your page well but I would also encourage you to share this page with other bloggers. People are always looking for content opportunities for the benefits we described earlier which is quality backlink, exposure to their brandor their products or their company, more referral traffic. 

People are always looking for content opportunities so it doesn't hurt to share your page also. So get your page out there once your domain authority and your website traffic is pretty substantial and high enough and see how it goes, and then you can start kind of experimenting with the pricing you're going to be doing. The more you do this, the better you get at negotiating pricing, the better gauge you get of how much people are willing to pay. 

So that's kind of exciting too, the more experience you get doing this, the better off you're going to be and the better off you're going to be at negotiating pricing. So that really kind of wraps up this blog,I went through this kind of quick, there's a lot more to it. Just in terms of the intricacies when you're doing this for yourself, I think you'll learn a lot by going through the process. 

But this will definitely get you started and this can be a great way to supplement your blogging income and in my opinion, one of the easier ways to make money as a blogger. One thing I do want to note is that once you get to the point where you're accepting sponsored content, you're going to want to check every single article that you receive with plagiarism checkers such as CopyScape. 

I like using CopyScape, it's a couple of cents per article search, so you'll just throw the article into CopyScape and that'll fire back,spit back any plagiarism, any duplicate content that's out on the web. Basically you don't want to publish any content that's been previously published elsewhere. It's just an SEO best practice not to do this,you don't want to, you're going to get no value or benefit publishing a duplicate version of an article. 

You want to focus on everything has got to be unique coming into your website, the content, the articles and this way it'll give you the best bang for your buck. And potentially, these articles can also get ranked within Google on your own website if you optimize them a little bit yourself with little tweaks to the metadata, the meta-tags. So the last takeaway there is just make sure you're checking this with a plagiarism checker. 

You don't want any duplicate content on your website, you don't want to publish an article that's been published elsewhere two years ago, it's just going to provide you no value whatsoever. So with that being said, I hope this blog was helpful, I really believe in this strategy. 

Again, I make a good side income from this strategy alone and the higher you increase your domain authority and your website traffic,it should be like a goal of yours, the more you can charge, the more valuable and reputable your website is. So over time, you can only start charging more for this and a lot of times people will be happy to pay to get their content published on your website. 

So if you haven't tried this strategy out,definitely give it a go and let me know what you think and maybe if you are already familiar with sponsored content and sponsored posts, hopefully there was a couple little tidbits of information in here that will help you bring this strategy for you to the next level. But with that being said, I hope this blog was helpful. 

If you liked this content and this type of content, please let me know, I can do more content such as this and such as monetizing your blog and how to make extra money from your website. But with that being said, please leave a comment on a blog if you liked it and if you haven't followed my blog already,please go ahead and do so and I'll see on the next blog. Thanks so much.

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